Cornish Rum Tours

New and exciting, The Cornish Distilling Co. have launched rum tours to introduce you to the art of distilling and of course the taste of Cornish rum! Founded in 2016, this bespoke distillery produce rum from scratch and we have tried and tested it, our verdict: DELICIOUS!

Rum Tours In Bude

Located just on the outskirts of Bude at North Barton you will find the home of The Cornish Distilling Co. the creation of Richard Harding, Fionagh Harding and Tom Read (Sue Read’s son or Graeme’s nephew).

Having completed a PhD in Chemistry, Tom set out to create one of Cornwall’s first scratch distilled rums, using exceptional ingredients and a knowledge to match.

In 2017, the first batch of rum was released and called Kalkar, a genuine British distilled rum, blended with single-origin cold coffee brew. Don’t just take our word on how good this rum tastes, it won 3 gold stars, at the Great Taste Awards in 2017!

Since then a further three rums have joined the collection.

Rum Tours

The Cornish Distilling Co. are renowned for creating exceptional rum and they have decided to swing open the doors to their state of the art distillery and share their love of this spirit with you! The tours included a guided tour and most importantly a tasting session where you’ll learn about the different ingredients and the best mixers!

They will introduce you to the world of distillation. From the fermentation of molasses, the distillation of the ‘wash’, to the blending and bottling of the finished rum. The tour will walk you through the new factory culminating in a tasting session.

Time: The tour lasts approx. 60 minutes.

Price: £15 per person


Tours run every Monday and Wednesday between 2pm – 5pm. You must book in advance. Children over 14 years old are welcome on the tour free of charge but they will not be permitted to take part in the tasting.

If you can’t make a tour, all of Tom’s rums are available at The Courtyard and The Loft. Could this be your new favourite tipple?

To book call 01288 321 921 or email or visit

Meet the rums

Morvenna Spice Rum

Drier and more refined than a standard spiced rum. Morvenna is botanically driven with hints of lemongrass, apricot and saffron.

Morvenna White Rum

A fresh and clear white rum offering fruity notes and a satisfying buttery finish.

Monncurser Spiced Cornish Rum

Inspired by the hidden coves and rocky inlets that Cornwall has long been notorious for. Here smuggling was rife, as the moon cursers stole their imports ashore in the dead of the night, to become the stuff of local legend.