And Breathe…. Claire Jennings Is Back!

Everyone get ready to say a big hello and welcome back to the lovely Claire Jennings who has not been at Wooda working her magic since the start of the pandemic – it’s been a really looooong five months without her but we’re delighted she’ll be back at Wooda from September! Sadly, Claire will not be running her incredible yoga classes because of the current restrictions in place but she will be back offering treatments that soothe the mind, body and soul.

Welcome Back Claire and Hello Aromatherapy Treatments


Recent months have been stressful for all of us. Our bodies are tense from the uncertainty, our minds busy from all the ‘what ifs’ and anxiety might be starting to creep in – it’s time for a break beside the sea to find that inner calm!

A break at Wooda gives you a chance to hideaway from the outside world and experience the slower pace of life on the Cornish coast. It’s a time to allow your mind and body space to breathe and reconnect in a place surrounded by nothing but nature. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life at home and re-treat to the tranquility of the countryside.

We are delighted Claire Jennings is back at Wooda from September 2020 to offer holistic treatments that add even more inner peace and calm. Claire is an experienced aromatherapist who’s treatments bring a complete sensation of inner wellbeing, something we’re all in need of a large dose of at the moment.

To help our guests really relax from the stresses of daily life, Claire will be adding additional treatments to her menu this Autumn. These include –

Deep Tissue Sports Massage:- One for the guys and the ladies! After a long day with the family or enjoying the Cornish surf, unwind and release tension with a total body massage.

£45 | 60 mins

£65 | 90 mins (includes scalp)

Warm Bamboo Massage: A deep tissue therapy originating in Asia. Using smooth heated bamboo sticks to release tension and melt away stress and strain. Sounds like heaven!

£45 | 60 mins

£65 | 90 mins (includes scalp)

Reflexology: Enjoy this delicious holistic therapy based on the theory that the feet are a map of your body from head to toe.  A non-invasive treatment which is deeply soothing and stress relieving.  Stimulus of body zones on the feet will leave your physical, emotional and bodily in perfect harmony.

£35 | 60 mins (balancing reflexology treatment)

£45 | 75 mins  (deluxe including treatment of problem areas)

Thai Foot Massage: A luxury foot massage including essential oils and the use of a Thai stick to stimulate acupressure points and energy channels within the body.

£35 | 60mins

Claire’s treatments take place at the Wellness Studio onsite at Wooda and all treatments comply and follow Government guidelines. Masks must be worn at all times.

Please click here to download the treatment menu!

If you would like to treat yourself to some relaxation whilst on holiday at Wooda, please book your treatment directly with Claire by calling –  07899 967477 or emailing

Welcome back Claire, we’ll be first in the queue for a treatment of three!