Wooda has been owned and run by the Colwill family for nearly 100 years, and the park itself was opened in 1975. Wooda was once a working farm, originally brought into the Colwill family by Samuel (known as Jim) and Bessie Colwill. Jim and Bessie ran a bed and breakfast at the farmhouse, looked after 200 sheep and 50 dairy cows. The original milk churns can still be seen around the farm, and some of the hand tools are on display in the Courtyard Bar, which was originally the farm's milking parlour.

Jim and Bessie had a son Ken (William Kenneth), and daughter Honor. Ken took over the farm from his parents, and himself and Elizabeth, his wife, continued to run the bed and breakfast from the farmhouse. They had 3 children, Susan, Graeme and Helen. Graeme helped his father on the farm, lambing down their 200 sheep, and looking after the cows.

In 1975, Ken recognised the potential of tourism in the area. He decided to convert an area of farmland into a small CL site for 5 touring caravans (now the children’s play area). From there, the park then grew. More farmland was converted for touring caravans and tents, with Graeme inputting as well. Together they were still working the farm, so that and the park were running alongside one another. Helen started a tea room in the ‘Linney’ for the visitors at Wooda, serving delicious home baked cream teas and cakes. The tea rooms progressed into a restaurant, and Helen and Gary are still running the very popular Courtyard and Lodge Takeaway today. You must go and sample the delicious home cooked food, beers and wines when you visit Wooda! Helen and Gary with the help of their eldest daughter Emily, and son Charlie have also created The Loft Cocktail, Coffee and Wine Bar, situated in one of the converted barns on the farm. Enjoying a cosy atmosphere with a beautiful outside terrace overlooking the countryside, here you can sample delicious homemade cocktails, coffees, wines and a great selection of spirits! A definite must when you’re staying at Wooda.

The park continued to grow, with the introduction of holiday homes in 1980. Gradually Wooda built up, becoming more and more popular with its customers. We achieved our first 5-star grading in 1981, and have continued to do so every year to date. As a family, we love to reinvest and give our customers something new to see each year, whilst improving the enjoyment of future stays. We now have 55-holiday homes, two cottages and pitches for touring and camping, amongst a whole host of activities and facilities for all the family to enjoy. We even have a vintage caravan here at Wooda which marked our 40th birthday, and is named Bessie after Bessie Colwill. In 2018, we completed the latest development, Gwelva Hills (Gwelva means viewpoint in Cornish). Charlotte’s husband Simon, with the help of his team, built the nine luxury lodges here at Wooda over the past two years. They have added another dimension to the accommodation offering and along with the cottages is the only accommodation available to rent throughout the year.

Susan (Sue) is a very talented artist and has her own art studio in the Mill House here at Wooda, one of the farm’s converted barns. When you are here on holiday, be sure to go and see her beautiful paintings. More information on Sue’s work can be found here.

Graeme’s youngest daughter, Hannah, started her own beauty salon in another of the converted barns here at Wooda. More information on Hannah Rose Beauty can be found here.

Graeme’s eldest daughter Charlotte has now returned to work within the business, so it’s in its third generation and her and Simon have recently welcomed their first daughter Rosie, so you never know, it might make it to four generations! We hope to continue running as a family business for many years to come.

We love living and working at Wooda, and we really hope you enjoy your stay too!