Wellness At Wooda

If you are in need of a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, then Wellness at Wooda, is the perfect place for you.

Situated near The Courtyard Bar, the wellness barn gives you the perfect opportunity for a relaxing holiday treat!

Relax and Unwind


To add a touch of history, the salon is located in the original Granary Barn that was used when Wooda was once a working farm. The Granary Barn was built in the 1800’s and originally used for storing hay for the cattle. The building was then used as a grain store in the 1900’s, providing grain for the Millhouse, situated just next to the barn. Today, there is no grain in sight, it has been completely renovated into a beautiful treatment room, providing a calm, tranquil oasis to relax and unwind. Wellness at Wooda is located adjacent to Sue Read Art and The Loft.


Wellness at Wooda offers a range of luxurious treatments in all things beauty and massage, from luxury manicures and pedicures to gorgeous facials and Swedish massage, as well as deep tissue sports massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and onsite yoga classes (Please see our yoga page for more information).

Meet The Team

Wellness at Wooda works with two experienced therapists, Claire Strong and Claire Jennings.

Massage: Sports & Deep Tissue – Aromatherapy – Hot stones – Bespoke Deluxe Massage | Holistic Therapies: Reflexology – Reiki Healing – Indian Head Massage – Thai Foot Massage – by Claire Jennings – Claire brings a complete sensation of inner wellbeing to all things massage. Achieving an integration of body, mind and spirit. Ease away aches and pains and enjoy a simulating sports massage after a long day on the beach or coast paths. Or why not relax with a delightful aromatherapy massage, the “Wooda deluxe” is a favourite with our guests. Claire also offers a wide range of specialist therapies including hot lava stones to sooth, release tension with an Indian head massage, or unwind with reflexology, reiki healing or a Thai foot massage to balance body & mind. Please view the drop down treatment list below for a full menu of everything Claire has to offer.

To book a treatment, you can call Claire Jennings on 07899 967477 or email relax@wooda.co.uk

Manicures – Pedicures – Facials – Visopeel Facial – Brow and Lash Enhancements – Classic Swedish massage – Pregnancy Massage – by Claire Strong – Claire is an experienced massage & beauty therapist specialising in making you feel great from top to toe! Offering a range of treatments from manicures, pedicures, luxury facials, eyebrows and lash treatments, classic Swedish massage and pregnancy massage that will leave you feeling radiant, refreshed and relaxed. She even offers manicures and pedicures for the little ones too! Please view the drop down treatment list below for a full menu of everything Claire has to offer.

To book a treatment, you can call Claire Strong on 07881 611990 or email beauty@wooda.co.uk

Please see below for treatment lists. Please let the therapists know if you have any specific requirements, are pregnant or have a disability.

Together the Claire’s make a great team that brings peace to mind and body.


Massage: Sports and Deep Tissue - Aromatherapy - Hot stones - Bespoke deluxe massage | Holistic Therapies: Reflexology - Reiki healing - Indian Head Massage - Thai Foot Massage by Claire Jennings


Deep tissue – Sports Massage

A popular massage for the active. A deep, strong therapy designed to release muscles and connective tissue to aid healing and promote recovery from injury, strain or tension. The deluxe massage includes the option for warm bamboo used for myofascial release to work deeper into tension areas.

Deep tissue deluxe full body & scalp massage (90 mins) – £65

Full Body Maintenance Massage (60 mins) – £45

Back/neck/shoulders, or Specific Area (30 mins) – £30

*Add a deep tissue essential oil blend – £5 supplement


Indulge your body & senses with a therapeutic holistic massage using naturally blended essential oils. Whether you enjoy fabulous florals, happy citrus notes, or mood balancing botanicals, there will be a blend to suit your needs. All treatments are designed with you in mind, and blended at the time of your massage by our qualified aromatherapist.

Wooda deluxe full pamper experience scalp & facial massage (90 mins) -£70

Full body massage (60 mins) – £50

Aromatherapy mini massage (30 mins) – £35

Indulgent Wooda Deluxe Bespoke Therapy

Enjoy utter indulgence and a taster of the luxury therapies I offer. Bespoke to suit your needs or mood. Combine up to three therapies. The choice is yours; we have all the time in the world….includes a herbal tea to complete your treatment.

Indulgent Wooda deluxe bespoke therapy (95 mins) – £85

Hot Stone Massage

Unwind with this ancient healing massage technique using heated volcanic basalt rocks to warm muscles, relieve tension and promote healing of damaged tissue throughout the body. The added heat delivers a truly warming massage experience.

Hot stone deluxe massage, includes face & scalp (90 mins) – £75

Full body massage (60 mins) – £60



Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the theory that the feet are a map of your body from head to toe. Reflexology is a non-invasive relaxing and stress releasing treatment, aimed to balance energy flow to aid healing. A combination of soothing massage techniques, pressure point stimulation on the zones of the feet to leave your physical, emotional and bodily systems balanced and re-energised.

Reflexology balancing treatment (60 mins) – £45

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a restorative gentle hands on therapy originating in Japan conducting energy to flow and promote our ability to heal on the inside out. Performed fully clothed, and truly relaxing, it is recommended to restore balance and harmony to mind body and soul.

Reiki (60 mins) – £45

Deluxe Indian Head Massage

A soothing head and facial massage therapy combined with sensory aromatherapy to ease tired muscles and release headaches. Includes an arm/hand & shoulder massage.

Deluxe Indian Head Massage (45 mins) – £40

Thai Foot Massage

Relax and unwind and enjoy this ancient Asian foot massage and healing therapy which includes the use of Thai sticks to promote energy flow within the body. Similar to reflexology, Thai foot massage stimulates pressure points and SEN energy lines to promote a wonderful sense of healing and wellbeing.

Thai Foot Treatment (60 mins) – £45

Luxury Treat for Head and Feet

A soothing reclined head and facial massage therapy, combined with sensory aromatherapy to ease tired muscles and release headaches. Includes massage of the arms, shoulders and a luxury foot massage to ease aches & pains, and combat swelling.

Luxury treat for head and feet (60 mins) – £50

Mini Treat for Feet

An energising and zesty aromatherapy massage of the feet and lower legs. Great for those who have been walking or running the rugged coast path.

Mini Treat for Feet (30 mins) – £30

Mix and Match Therapies
Claire will work with you to mix and match treatments to suit your budget, time allowance and needs. Pamper days and private bookings are available on request. Please call Claire on 07899 967477 or email relax@wooda.co.uk to book your treatment, or if you require any further information.

Classic Swedish Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Hot Stones - Facials - Visopeel Facial - Temple Spa personal experience - Manicures - Pedicures - Brow and Lash Enhancements - by Claire Strong


The most relaxing way to re-balance, rejuvenate and rehydrate. Carefully adapted to suit your skin type.

A complimentary scalp, hand or foot massage is given whilst the mask nourishes your skin.

Mini Facial (30 mins) – £30.00

A deep cleanse exfoliation, either a mask or pressure point massage to the face, neck and shoulders, toning, moisturising and eye cream.

Luxury Facial (60 mins) – £50.00

This luxurious treatment leaves your skin feeling revitalised and restored. Starting with a deep cleanse followed by exfoliation, hot towels, a nourishing face mask, pressure point massage to the face, neck and shoulders followed by toning, moisturising and eye cream.

Hot Stone Facial (60 mins) – £55.00

Luxury facial using hot stones throughout the treatment to promote relaxation and reduce the stress.

Visopeel Facial (60 min) – £60

Visopeel is a professional chemical peel. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, acne and congestion. This relaxing treatment gives a skin tingling experience which exfoliates to the deepest layers. Your skin will never have looked so clear, decongested and bright.

A Taste of Temple Spa (45 – 90 mins dependent on group size) – £25 for 1 – 4 people

Enjoy some time out with these exceptional, award winning spa quality luxury products. I conduct a full skin care analysis and you will learn how to give yourself a professional spa facial at home using products customised to your skin, with the option to purchase anything you try. You will walk away from this pamper session feeling calm and relaxed, with nourished, brighter, plumper, hydrated, radiant looking skin.


Release the stresses and strains of tight achy muscles, and eliminate toxins with a relaxing classic Swedish massage. Leave yourself feeling blissfully relaxed and rested. You are on holiday after all! A classic Swedish massage tailored to your pressure requirements, covering all areas of tension and tightness. A beautiful massage treatment not to be missed!

Pure Bliss – Sensory Experience (90 minutes) – £75

Using the warmth of hot stones to heat up your muscles, this Swedish style massage is a hands on experience to get deep into those knots. Enjoy hot towels and an invigorating spray which will heighten your senses sending you into complete relaxation.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) – £30.00

Tailored To You (45 mins) – £40.00

We all hold tension in different places so this option allows you to tailor make your own massage choosing areas you would like to ease knots and awaken muscles.

Full Body Experience (60 mins) –  £50.00
Treat yourself to a relaxing full body massage experience.

Pure Indulgence (75 mins) – £60.00
An indulgent full body, face and scalp massage.

Pregnancy Massage (60 mins) – £50
A safe, tranquil massage for ladies in their second or third trimester.


Manicure – shape, hand bath and cuticle work

Vinylux finish (40 mins) – £24.00

Luxury Manicure – manicure plus exfoliating scrub, hand mask, heated mittens, hand and arm massage

Vinylux finish  (60 mins) – £30.00

Pedicure – shape, cuticle work, removal of dead skin and foot massage

Vinylux finish (45 mins)  – £28.00

Luxury Pedicure – pedicure plus foot bath, exfoliating scrub, foot mask, heated booties and foot & leg massage

Vinylux finish (75 mins) – £36.00

Treatments for little ones (under 12’s)

Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure Shape and Polish

Vinylux finish – £9.00

Vinylux finish – using CND Vinylux Polish the top coat becomes more durable with exposure to natural light, dries quickly and provides week long wear.


Eyebrow Shape – £9.00

Eyebrow Tint*  – £8.00

Eyelash Tint* – £13.00

Eye Package* (lash tint, brow tint and shape) – £24.00

Lash Lift* – semi-permanent curl to the eyelashes for up to 4 weeks. Includes free eyelash tint – £40.00

Lash Lift Package* – lash lift and tint, brow shape and tint – £50.00

*24 hour patch test required prior to treatment

Claire is an experienced massage and beauty therapist and will work with you to suit all your requirements, including pregnant ladies. Please call Claire on 07881 611990 or email beauty@wooda.co.uk to book your appointment or if you require any further information on the treatments listed above.