Wellness At Wooda

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If you are in need of a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, then Wellness at Wooda, is the perfect place for you.

Situated near The Courtyard Bar, the beauty salon gives you the perfect opportunity for a well-deserved holiday treat!

Relax and Unwind


To add a touch of history, the salon is located in the original Granary Barn that was used when Wooda was once a working farm. The Granary Barn was built in the 1800's and originally used for storing hay for the cattle. The building was then used as a grain store in the 1900's, providing grain for the Millhouse, situated just next to the barn. Today, there is no grain in sight, it has been completely renovated into a beautiful treatment room, providing a calm, tranquil oasis to relax and unwind. Wellness at Wooda is located adjacent to Sue Read Art and The Loft.


Wellness at Wooda offers a range of luxurious treatments, from CND shellac manicures and pedicures to 30-minute express facials and back, neck and shoulder massages as well as aromatherapy massage and yoga.

Meet The Team

Wellness at Woods works with two experienced therapists, Claire Strong and Claire Jennings.

Claire Jennings - brings a complete sensation of inner wellbeing. Achieving an integration of body, mind and spirit with gorgeous aromatherapy massage and holistic treatments. Discover a treatment menu aimed to focus on you and your individual needs.

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To book an aromatherapy treatment from 4th September onwards, you can call Claire Jennings on 07899 967477 or email relax@wooda.co.uk

Claire Strong - an experienced beauty therapist specialising in making you feel great from top to toe! Offering a range of treatments from waxing, manicures, pedicures, massage and facials that will leave you feeling radiant, refreshed and relaxed.

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To book a beauty treatment, you can call Claire Strong on 07881 611990 or email beauty@wooda.co.uk

Together they make a great team that brings peace to mind and body.


Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology and Holistic Therapies by Claire Jennings


Indulge in 30 – 90 minutes of pure blissful relaxation.

Aromatherapy massage is a soul soothing relaxing treatment infused with essential oils. Combined with massage techniques to soothe tired muscles and stimulate blood flow and drainage, the essential oils enter both the bloodstream and respiratory systems. All essential oils have therapeutic benefits, ranging from relaxing through to stimulating, anti-inflammatory to hormone balancing. The deep aroma helps to lift the spirits, and delivers a wonderful sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Each massage uses natural essential oils that are freshly blended at the start of your treatment to help soothe tired muscles and stimulate blood flow and drainage. All essential oils have therapeutic benefits, ranging from relaxing through to stimulating, anti-inflammatory to hormone balancing.

Step One – choose your massage

Face and Scalp (30 mins) – £25.00

Full Body (60 mins) – £45.00

Wooda Deluxe (90 mins) – £65.00

Full body plus face and scalp massage

Step Two – choose your essential oil

1. English Rose

A balancing and soothing feel good British blend of english rose absolute and lavender

2. Mediterranean

Relax and drift off to shores of the Mediterranean
with a blend of sweet Geranium & balancing bergamont

3. Hawaiian

Healing and tropical, using a blend of Frangipani, orange blossom and ylang-ylang for an uplifting experience

4. Surfer’s Paradise

Unwind after a surf session with a soothing and warming blend of ginger, sandalwood and sweet orange to help re-invigorate tired muscles

5. Beach Retreat

Sooth or cool sun-kissed salty skin after a beach day with a soothing blend of Chamomile and lavender, or cooling lemongrass and thyme

6. Oriental Experience

Journey through an oriental flower garden as you unwind with sweet jasmine, lemongrass & may-chang

7. Custom Blend

Custom blend to suit your mood from a selection of 35 essential oils

Please Note: Aromatherapy massage is not suitable for sun damaged, broken skin and alongside other medical conditions – please discuss with Claire prior to treatment taking place.

Treatments can be carried out in the privacy of your own accommodation or at the tranquil treatment room. Please let Claire know where you would like your treatment to take place at the time of booking.


A deep and strong therapy designed to release muscles and connective tissue to aid healing and promote recovery from injury, strain or tension. Ideal for maintenance post or pre sport events, or for those who enjoy a firmer massage.

90 mins – £60 – Deep tissue, full body & scalp massage
60 mins – £40 – Full body maintenance massage
30 mins – £25 – Back/neck and shoulders
Add aromatherapy to suit your condition. £5 additional charge per treatment.


Holistic means healing and considers the whole person including mind, body, spirit and emotions. Using traditional techniques the treatments below have been designed for optimal wellness, leaving you feeling energised and balanced.


Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the theory that the feet are a map of your body from head to toe! Reflexology is a non-invasive relaxing and stress releasing treatment, aimed to balance energy flow and aid healing. A combination of soothing massage techniques, pressure point stimulation on the zones of your feet to leave your physical, emotional and bodily systems balanced and re-energised.
60 mins – £35 – maintenance/initial massage
75 mins – £45 – treatment of conditions/bodily systems

A Treat For Your Feet (30 mins) – £25.00

An energising zesty lime and peppermint massage of the feet and lower legs, great if you have been walking the rugged coastal path

Traditional Indian Head Massage (30 mins) – £25.00

Fully clothed head and shoulder massage to release tension, clear the mind and lift the spirit

Deluxe Indian Head Massage (60 mins) – £35.00

Traditional massage combined with yoga techniques
to release tension, ease tired muscles and relieve headaches. Includes a gentle aromatherapy facial massage

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (60 mins) – £45.00

Using ancient healing massage with basalt stones to ease tired muscles, relieve tension and help heal damaged tissue throughout the body

Manicures and Pedicures by Claire Strong

Manicure – shape, hand bath and cuticle work

Vinylux finish (40 mins) – £20.00

Shellac finish (50 mins) – £26.00

Luxury Manicure – manicure plus exfoliating scrub, hand mask, heated mittens, hand and arm massage

Vinylux finish  (60 mins) – £26.00

Shellac finish (55 mins) – £32.00

Pedicure – shape, foot bath, cuticle work, removal of dead skin and foot massage

Vinylux finish (45 mins)  – £23.00

Shellac finish (55 mins)  – £29.00

Luxury Pedicure – pedicure plus foot bath, exfoliating scrub, foot mask, heated booties and foot & leg massage

Vinylux finish (75 mins) – £30.00

Shellac finish (85 mins) – £38.00

Shellac Removal

Hands – £7.00 | Feet – £9.00

Please inform us if you need Shellac removal at the time of booking so we can allow extra appointment time.

Treatments for little ones (under 12’s)

Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure Shape and Polish

Vinylux finish – £8.00

Shellac finish – £12.00

Vinylux finish – using CND Vinylux Polish the top coat becomes more durable with exposure to natural light, dries quickly and provides week long wear.

Shellac finish – CND Shellac Gel your nails will be chip proof and long lasting.

Facials by Claire Strong

The most relaxing way to re-balance, rejuvenate and rehydrate. Suits all skin types.

A complimentary scalp, hand or foot massage is given whilst the mask nourishes your skin.

Mini Facial (30 mins) – £22.00

A deep cleanse exfoliation, either a mask or pressure point massage to the face, neck and shoulders, toning, moisturising and eye cream.

Collagen Eye Treatment (35 mins) – £22.00

Helps reduce dark circles, bags and fine lines. Improves circulation to the eye area and stimulates natural collagen production in the skin.

Luxury Facial (60 mins) – £32.00

Leaves your skin feeling revitalised and restored. Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, hot towels, a nourishing face mask, pressure point massage to the face, neck and shoulders followed by toning, moisturising and eye cream.

Hot Stone Facial (60 mins) – £35.00

Luxury facial using hot stones throughout the treatment to promote relaxation and reduce the stress.

Massage by Claire Strong

Release the stresses and strains of tight achy muscles, and eliminate toxins with a relaxing massage.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) – £25.00

Full Body Massage (60 mins) –  £38.00

Full Body, Face and Scalp (75 mins) – £45.00

Tailored To You (45 mins) – £32.00

We all hold tension in different places so this option allows you to tailor make your own massage choosing areas you would like to ease knots and awaken muscles.

Baby Massage – Bring your little one to a private baby massage session. Learn everything you need to know about the benefits and routine of baby massage in a calming and relaxing environment. Mild oil and aftercare service provided.

1 baby (60 – 90 mins) – £35.00

2 babies (60 – 90 mins) – £40.00

Eyebrows and Eyelashes by Claire Strong

Eyebrow Shape – £8.00

Eyebrow Tint*  – £7.00

Eyelash Tint* – £12.00

Eye Package* (lash tint, brow tint and shape) – £22.00

Lash Lift* – semi-permanent curl to the eyelashes for up to 4 weeks. Includes free eyelash tint – £38.00

Lash Lift Package* – lash lift and tint, brow shape and tint – £48.00

*24 hour patch test required prior to treatment