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Sustainable Holidays Cornwall

At Wooda Farm Holiday Park, we are dedicated to looking after our local environment in Cornwall. We are committed to making a difference to our local climate through sustainable holidays and the preservation of our beautiful natural surroundings so future generations can enjoy it as much as we do today.

The Environment

Wooda Farm Holiday Park is set in 40 acres of parkland, with stunning views of the Cornish coastline and rolling countryside We are located on the border of one of Cornwall’s twelve Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the perfect place to enjoy a more sustainable holiday rather than venturing overseas.

We believe this is one of the main reasons as to why our visitors choose to holiday with us, and are dedicated in providing people with a holiday of high quality whilst supporting our local community and preserving our beautiful surroundings for the prosperity and enjoyment of future generations.

At Wooda, we are commited to becoming ‘green’. We encourage all our visitors to recycle to reduce the amount of waste produced; water saving measures are in place in our toilet and shower blocks to help us become more energy efficient, and low energy light bulbs are used throughout the park to preserve energy and reduce light pollution. We believe that small measures have a great impact, especially when it comes to encouraging sustainable holidays.

Being green benefits us all. When you are on holiday at Wooda, you are in close contact with the environment. We believe we should try and give something back to the environment wherever possible. We feel that your experience as a visitor could be enhanced by having the “feel good factor”, knowing that your enjoyment is having less of an impact.

So, what are we doing to create more sustainable holidays?

We use low energy light bulbs. Low energy light bulbs use 80% less electricity but produce the same amount of light. By using less electricity, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is much less, therefore being more environmentally friendly.

We use water saving devices. Water is a precious resource which needs to be shared by people and wildlife alike. Water shortages can affect all wildlife and the environment. We use water saving devices also known as “hippos” in the cisterns of our higher flush toilets. This means that approximately 3 litres of water is saved every time a toilet is flushed. As our toilet blocks continue to be refurbished, our higher flush toilets will be replaced with low flush ones.

We compost our grass cuttings. Wooda collects all of our grass cuttings, compost them and spread them on the grass at the end of the season to replenish the ground.

We support local charities. We sponsor Bude Sea Pool, an outdoor seapool in Bude that has been in operation for many years. The pool risked closure a few years ago so local people got involved to prevent that happening. We are proud to be able to help, and the money we donate goes towards making the sea pool an enjoyable place for everyone, including all our lovely visitors. You can find more information about Bude Seapool on the website. We are heavily involved with the Macmillan Cancer Support Committee in Bude and often hold events here at Wooda to raise money for Macmillan. Our sports barn is sometimes used for functions, and we support other local charities through offering use of a venue for their events in low season. You will also see a few charity boxes in our shop and reception too!

We use recyclable products. To help support the environment even further, Wooda use recyclable black bags for the disposal of any waste. By using this as a method of helping to preserve our area, it means that when the bags or rubbish are taken away for further disposal they biodegrade and are therefore kinder to the environment. We encourage our customers to recycle glass, paper, cans, plastic and batteries. There are two recycling points on site.

We use our own ground water. The water used to feed the toilet and shower systems is naturally sourced from the ground using a water device called a Borehole therefore using less energy and water from the mains water supply. We also have a rainwater harvesting system in place that we use to wash caravans for our customers.

We use solar panels. Here at Wooda, we have five solar panel developments. Two are on our toilet and shower blocks to heat hot water, one is on our sports barn to provide electricity and the other two are ground mounted systems which provide electricity for our touring and camping pitches.

We buy locally sourced produce. All of the produce used at Wooda is locally sourced helping to reduce the number of miles in which it travels to reach the park. We sell Cornish produce in the shop, and our restaurant uses locally sourced food too. By doing this, we reduce the number of food miles travelled, reducing air pollution within the area and supporting our local economy. All our building materials for our developments here are also locally sourced, therefore benefitting local businesses and helping the economy.

We employ staff that live within the local area. Each member of staff employed at Wooda lives within the local area. We see this as a positive impact to the environment as the distance that each employee travels is much less, and we are also supporting our local economy.

How can you help us be more sustainable?

At Wooda farm Holidays we believe small things have big impacts! Below are some of the things to think about whilst you are on holiday… and you never know you might like to take some of the ideas home with you and help conserve our planet!

Recycle your waste where possible. We have two recycling points at Wooda; please use the map to locate the one nearest to you.

Turn your appliances off when not in use, that standby light on your television uses more electricity than you would think.

Don’t leave the tap running unnecessarily – only fill the kettle with as much water as you need.

Try and turn the lights off when you leave the room so not to waste electricity.

Try and re-use carrier bags where possible. If you are buying eggs in our shop, why not reuse your egg carton?

Try to walk, ride or use public transport. There is a bus that runs from the entrance of the park instead of using your car. Bude town is only a 30 minute walk and there are lots of lovely walks around Wooda to enjoy. Keep our air fresh!

Being sustainable at Wooda

Wildlife at Wooda

We have achieved Gold from the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme for over ten years. At Wooda we are dedicated to conserving the flora and fauna, and providing habitats for the wildlife at Wooda, and will continue to do so into the future.

We have handmade owl, bat and bird boxes around the holiday park, providing much needed nesting areas. The park is always full of colourful flowers which attract many varieties of butterflies and other insects.

Whilst at Wooda, you are able to take a stroll down to the farm and around the woodland walk, spotting many varieties of wild flowers and wildlife along the way. Birds can be seen singing from the high perches of the oak trees that line the bottom of the lane, and butterflies can be observed enjoying the flowery bank above the ponds, where you will also see sweet chestnut, oak, beech and rowan trees. The wood is a secret place where a plethora of flora and fauna can be seen and some wonderful wildlife can be spotted, why not come and see for yourself!

We have also created a nature trail around the orchard and woodland walks. Make sure you pick up a quiz whilst you are here on holiday and answer the questions to learn more about the wildlife and flora and fauna we have here at Wooda.

We have a nature diary in reception and gratefully welcome recordings of any sightings of wildlife whilst you are on holiday at Wooda so we can have a record of what has been seen. We also welcome any photographs, which will also be displayed on our wildlife board. Don’t forget to add them to social media and tag them with #woodalife!

Wildlife and the environment at Wooda

Environmental Policy

Customer satisfaction is important to us, therefore we will endeavour to ensure our customers have an enjoyable holiday with us whilst protecting our natural environment in preservation for future generations and to limit our impact on climate change.

Our aims

  • To reduce energy consumption through the use of low energy light bulbs, water saving measures and solar panels
  • To promote environmental awareness to our customers whilst not hindering enjoyment of their holiday
  • To make sure the use of unnecessary hazardous substances and chemicals is eliminated, reduced or substituted where possible
  • To make sure that any new developments at Wooda are undertaken so to reduce the impact on the environment
  • To source and buy produce locally
  • To continue to support the local area through employment and providing a venue for charity events
  • To strive in protecting our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.
Environmental policy at Wooda

Five ways to reduce your impact

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we have an impact. Make positive choices, and you can help us care for Cornwall and make that impact a positive one.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At Wooda, we recycle! You can help us by refusing packaging and bags you don’t need, and using the two recycling areas that can be located on the map.

Reduce reuse recycle

2. Get out of the car!

Walking, cycling and riding are great ways to see the area without adding to traffic. Use public transport if you need to travel to your start point. The bus service leaves the entrance a few times day. Please contact us for the bus times or collect a timetable from reception upon your arrival. Bikes can be hired from North Coast Cycles in Bude, and more information on walking and riding in the area can be found using the links on our ‘Explore Bude’ page of the website.

Walking to reduce car travel

3. Stay Local, Eat Local, Buy Local.

See Local Buy local – and you’ll see what Cornwall can offer, whilst supporting the communities of Cornwall. Visit local farmers markets, farm shops, village stores, pubs and cafes. More information on farmers markets and farm shops can be found here. Our distinctive culture shines through the hundreds of community events that happen throughout the year – and the food and drink is simply fantastic…

Local produce

4. Chill out!

Switch off! You can see the stars at night in Cornwall! Help us reduce light pollution, energy use and CO2 emissions by switching off lights and all those standby buttons when you don’t need them. Help us reduce water consumption by using just the water you need; and then sit back and enjoy that view! More information on what we are doing with regards to energy consumption can be found in the section ‘Going Green’.

5. When in Rome.

To enjoy Cornwall at its best, we can help you to get to know all the nooks and crannies of local knowledge – like beach safety, cultural events, and the Countryside Code which reminds visitors to protect plants and animals; take litter away; leave gates and property as you find them; keep dogs under close control; consider other people, users and locals when visiting the countryside. More information on the countryside can be found at www.countrysideaccess.gov.uk, and visit our ‘Explore Bude’ page for more information on local events taking place in the area. If you would like any further information on anything mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit the CoaST website, www.cstn.org.uk.

Countryside Code

Twenty things to do without a car

  1. Pitch and putt
  2. Take a fishing rod down to the lake and try your hand at fishing
  3. Play Badminton, Tennis or go to the Gym!
  4. Sit in the sun by your accommodation and while away the day
  5. Get a bus into Bude and browse around the shops
  6. Explore Tiscott Wood – our walking and mountain bike trail.
  7. Take a walk through the woodland walk and spot the pixies along the way
  8. Take a picnic to the orchard and listen to the wildlife
  9. Go surfing at one of Bude’s many beaches
  10. Sunbathe on the beach and relax
  1. Go horse riding along the cliff tops
  2. Walk along the canal path to the neighbouring towns and villages and explore some of the local culture and heritage
  3. Go bowling at The Venue in Bude
  4. Go swimming at Splash in Bude
  5. Enjoy a Cornish cream tea!
  6. Do nothing!
  7. Read a book, relax and take in the view
  8. Visit Bude castle
  9. Play table tennis or pool in our games room
  10. Stroll around the site and explore!
Things to do without a car

Bude Cleaner Seas Project

Here at Wooda we are working hard to keep the quality of our bathing water in Bude as high as possible.

Here at Wooda we are working hard to keep the quality of our bathing water in Bude as high as possible. We are involved with the Bude Cleaner Seas Project – a project that has been taking place in Bude, engaging with the local community to address the factors that contribute to poor bathing water quality since 2013. The project has been hugely successful, with two of Bude’s beaches among the six beaches in Cornwall with Blue Flag awards. Widemouth Bay has won a Blue Flag award for many years, and Crooklets Beach has just been awarded its Blue Flag again recently.

There are many steps you, as a visitor, can take in helping us maintain the quality of the bathing water to make your holidays in Bude much more enjoyable. Some of these things include not putting fats down the sink and not flushing sanitary items down the toilet, along with simply picking up your litter from the beach when you leave so it doesn’t get washed into the sea. You can even participate in a 2 minute beach clean too! The links below provide information on the Bude Cleaner Seas Project and the Beach Awards.

Read more about Bude Cleaner Seas Project

Read more about Bude Beach Awards

Bude Cleaner Seas Project

Help us ensure our environment is here for future generations to enjoy