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The beach is undoubtably a firm favourite with us all on a hot summers day. The cooling breeze and salty air, sandy toes and sea dips are just the best. With the right preparation and bags packed, a trip to the beach can be drawn out all day and into the early evening. Setting up camp for the day in your own little spot on the beach or dunes is something we all adore. This of course means many bags and a lot of ‘kit’, from towels to picnic baskets and sun cream to bbq’s, soon you find yourself hauling everything but the kitchen sink, which is one of the many reasons why we LOVE Beach Huts; everything you could possibly need all in one place, oh the geniuses of it.

You can forget about aching arms and arguments over who has the heaviest bag, the only thing you need to bring with you is fresh food and clothes and the rest is taken care of by your trusty Beach Hut, beautifully storing all of your favourite beach essentials so that you are beach ready before you can say “summers here”.


Our beloved beach huts started out as ‘Bathing Machines’ more that 250 years ago. These vehicles looked like beach huts with wheels, taking patrons from the top of the beach to the shore, allowing them to change discretely inside and step directly into the ocean from the front door of their machine. As seaside resorts were born and the fascination of the sea grew bigger, the concept of the bathing machine changed and adapted. It became more acceptable to walk across the beach in your bathing costumes, so in came the villages of stripy change tents and the purpose built beach huts began to appear. We now to this day still have the gorgeous rows of colourful beach huts lining our seaside resorts and beaches. 

Beach huts in Cornwall are now rare but in Bude, we are lucky enough to have two wonderful beaches boasting beautiful beach huts to hire. Summerleaze and Crooklets are at the heart of the town, so not only are they beautiful beaches with lots of amenities, they have the best beach huts too, allowing you to have all you need in just the right places. Wooda  is just 2 miles from these stunning beaches. Can it get any better that that?…. Yes it can…..


When you stay at Wooda, you receive 15% OFF the beach huts at Summerleaze and Crooklets, when using discount code ‘loveWooda’. 

Our code offers 15% discount on any 2019 Beach Hut booking*, made online via www.visitbude.info of 3 days or longer, booked 7 days or more in advance. So we can be sure the offer has been used genuinely, we ask that customers show proof of their booking confirmation with Wooda when collecting the key. If proof cannot be presented, the booking will be cancelled. Bookings are non-refundable. *excludes Deluxe Huts. Please Note: the beach huts do not have electricity or water. 

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