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Wooda’s Wondrous Nature Trail

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Wooda Farm Holiday Park Nature Trail

Finally, it’s mid-February, the snowdrops, primroses and daffodils are all starting to show their faces, the buds on the trees are starting to bloom and the promise of spring is in the air. And if there’s one thing we love, here at Wooda Farm Holiday Park, it is nature reemerging in all its glory around the farm and the beautiful countryside that surrounds us in North Cornwall. 

At Wooda, we are dedicated to making our holidays as nature-centric as possible and having sustainability at the heart of our business so we can all enjoy the wonderful nature in North Cornwall, and the rest of the country, for as long as possible. 

We think one of the best ways to do this is by encouraging the next generation to engage with their natural surroundings as much as we can. This feels especially prudent this week, given that thousands of parents across the country have been calling for smartphone-free childhoods for their children, as concerns continue to grow about online safety and the impact of social media and screen time on mental health. 

One of the wonderful ways our team has been helping to encourage the younger naturalists amongst us to engage with nature, here at Wooda, is by revamping our superb nature trail.

The Wooda Nature Trail

This wondrous walk that meanders through one of the woodland areas on site is packed to the brim with opportunities to interact with the natural world and tantalise our senses with some truly spectacular treats. The 35-40 min trail takes you through several diverse areas that have been specially rewilded to encourage nature to take over. This is alongside homes and habitats that have been put into place by our tremendous groundskeeping team to encourage as much wildlife as possible, including; bat boxes, bird houses, bug hotels, ponds and owl homes, to name but a few. 

Why not get a bird’s eye view from our treehouse, spend a few minutes by the pond to see what might come by to quench their thirst, or search amongst the log pile for a veritable myriad of interesting critters? 

At Wooda we have seen hedgehogs, deer, bats, owls, foxes, buzzards, kestrels, badgers and a whole host of beautiful birds. And that’s not to mention the vast variety of trees and plants there are on display in our rewilded areas. What might you and your preservationist progeny discover on your exploration around the trail?

We think all this is a really great way to spend some precious time with your loved ones away from screens, surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna that North Cornwall has to offer. 

Becoming a Wooda Nature Explorer

On top of all this gorgeous time outside, your budding botanists and zoologists can start their burgeoning careers off with a bang and get properly qualified as Wooda Nature Explorers. 

Pick up your nature passport at reception and work your way through the questions as you take on the nature trail and find the answers along the way. This is one of the new ways our team have made getting in touch with nature a little bit more interactive, getting your little ones extra excited about the natural world and keeping our environment at the forefront of their minds, something we all know is extremely important in the modern world. 

Once your mini-conservationists have completed their passports they can pick up their spoils from reception and take away a Wooda Nature Explorer badge, provided by our fabulous friends at stickermule.com, and a Wooda pencil, to prove that they truly had what it took to become a Wooda Nature Explorer!

So when you and your family come to Wooda on your holiday, don’t miss out on our newly revamped nature trail and the chance to get you and your little ones to engage with some of the stunning natural environments we have right here on our doorstep. You might just have the next David Attenborough right under your nose!

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